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 Kupalle is the most loved and celebrated pagan holiday in today’s Belarus.

 Its celebration offers a whole complex of traditional rituals, beliefs, love and magic.

Like in ancient times, Kupalle is celebrated in the night from 6 July to 7 July.


Graffiti is everywhere in  Britain – on park benches, street signs and bus shelters, in car parks and train stations.

Cleaning up graffiti costs millions of pounds a year and some people have put graffiti together with drugs and criminal behaviour as “bad symptoms” of modern society.

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ART (2)

 Art is a way to show one’s emotions or communicate one’s thoughts. Art is an important part of people’s cultural life. It can be abstract, realistic, naturalistic, conceptual and inspirational.

Art has many forms. Visual arts are paintings, drawing, clay modeling, architecture, photography, etc. Performing arts include dance, music, opera, theatre, magic, spoken words, circus and art musical theatre.

Open the brackets using an appropriate tense. Active voice.

1.      I am sure you (to have) lots of fun at the party.

2.      I (not to hear) from him since we (to leave) school.

3.      We (to go) down in the lift when suddenly it (to stop).