четверг, мая 13, 2021

Билет № 18

 Билет № 18

1.     Let’s talk about your family. What does your immediate family mean to you?
Family is very important in our lives. Every person needs a place where he can feel happy and quiet. One needs people with whom he could speak freely about his problems, share his happy moments and his problems. Such place and such people are his family.

четверг, мая 06, 2021


 Match the words. 


  1. come           A. control
  2. help             B. shout
  3. check          C. think
  4. climb           D. assist
  5. continue      E. arrive
  6. get               F. wish
  7. want            G. put on
  8. believe        H. go up
  9. call               I.keep up
  10. dress           J. receive